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Post by Helbreder on Fri Sep 05, 2008 12:42 pm

I dont know how it is but i thought ill write up some about raid addons. Not sure if all of us
are using them. But there are some addons that help you quite well when you raid.

First off the Boss mods, this mods tells you and gives you timers on events inn boss encounters, i cant live without, becouse it tells me whats happning at all times. you have difffrent choises here: BigWigs, CTRA2, Deadly Boss Mods. are the most used.
I was swearing to CTRA2 before, then changed to DBM. Now i have only been usin BigWigs. They are all good moods.
The reason im using BigWigs are becouse you can download an addon part called LittleWigs, that gives you timers and events for
normal instances bosses.

Then there Raid frames, here there is only 2 real good choises. First beeing CTRA2 package, that also includes the bossmods.
the other one is what im now using oRA2 combinded with GRID. i like the lastone best becouse its mutch more lightwight and gives you alot
of more options. You want CTRA2 or oRA2 for a few reasons: it gives you nice and clean raid overview. It shows you the main tanks of the raid, it shows you ready status. for healers it alswo provides a resturection interface. It can also track buffs thats missing etc etc. Some are happy with just using blizzards raid interface, but i think its lacking a bit. By combindng grid with Clique, you also got a decursing, buffing, healing, status overview. that tells you more and dose more then any other addon can do.

for decursing, if you dont use GRID and Clique you shuld really look into decursive, or another decurse addon, for poison, curse, magic etc removal on the raid. selecting every singel player to decurse, simply takes to long,and culd in some enconters give you a wipe.

Omen is ofcourse needed and is also requested as an must from the guild leaders, so not mutch to say about it then it will save your life on the big bosses.

thats the basic moods i use when i raid, and i cant live without, my setup is currently like this:
BigWigs - oRA2 - GRID - Clique and VisualHeal

given this addons i know whats happning in the raid at every given time, the one addon i culd never do without now afther i have started to use it is grid. basicly becouse it shows me everything, though be warned, it look complex to setup the first time you look at it. but if you spend 30 min looking true and set it up like you want to, you probaly have the most powerfull raid/grupe frames you can get!

Im also a big fan of ACE2 addons, becouse they give the best preformence, so if i can get a addon that dose the same but is buildt on the ace2 libary, i always changes to it. theres quite few addons left that i have now that isent ace2, but i havent found any replacement for them yet.


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