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Guild ranks & rules Empty Guild ranks & rules

Post by Jibbajabba on Wed Jun 25, 2008 9:31 am

List of ranks:

Kermit: Guild leader

Miss Piggy: Officer

Miss Piggy Alts: Officer's alts

Fozzy Bear: For special members

Animal: Lvl 70's only raiders

Swedish Chef: Memebers who are helpful and nice to the guild

Crazy Harry: Member lvl 50+

Rizzo the Rat: If u have given us your guild info & joined the forum.

Alts: All members alts

Gonzo: New comer (no info).

Guild rules:

1: Install Group calendar

2: Only english in the guildchat.

3: Respect each other in their classes.

4: If you want anything from the bank plz ask an officer.

5: No begging or selling in guildchat, we are a nice guild so we give or trade to each other.

6: All members need to sign on to the forum for a promotion from gonzo.

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